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New Construction Services

Oh, you feel that is a non-technical field! Really? Try our services and see how we make that process technical with smooth client experience.


Owning a lakh sq ft of land and still using a metre tape for measurement. We think you need a drone for that land survey. Worried about cost? Don’t worry it's way cheaper than you think!

MEP/Services Design

Do you often feel dampness near your toilet walls? Well, that’s why we have service design experts that design your plumbing, electrical and IT services.

Architectural Design

Do you think Vaastu is hampering your lifestyle, or do you feel the lack of sunlight or ventilation in your residence? Our experts integrate modern design principles with the power of right Vaastu.

Structural Design

Whether an earthquake strikes your city or you are located in a hurricane-prone area, we design buildings to overcome all forces of nature. Short and simple – We got you covered.

Civil Maintenance Work

Just like machines, buildings also require periodic maintenance. Plus you obviously know what happens if the machine is not repaired at the right time. So let us inspect and tell you what needs maintenance in your infrastructure.

Infrastructural Renovation and Retrofitting

Looking to change your bedroom size or extending a floor above? You must be worried if a storey can be safely added or how much it would cost blah blah blah and a lot more questions. Let us provide you with an estimate for your dream renovation.

Construction Management Services

Trying to employ manual labourers for soil compaction? Well, let us suggest cheap machinery that saves you lots of time and also money. Don’t worry, we help you save ten times the money we charge.

Why ProCivil?


We have a habit of delivering things on time. You won't have to call us to remind us of our deadlines.

Integrated Experience

Fed up of coordinating between architect and your contractor? We know it's difficult, and so we bring on board a unified experience where we manage even the smallest details.

Cutting Edge Visualizations

We leverage state of the art digital tools. Won't it be nice if you can visualize your dream house in 3D using AR/VR? Well, then you are at the right website!

Powered by BIM

Do you feel that electric vehicles are better than conventional petrol ones? Yeah obviously! Then try us and experience a similar revolution in design using Building Information Modelling Techniques. It's a lot smarter!

Professional Approach

We understand financing and building your dream infrastructure is a once in a lifetime moment. We work to make that moment special.

On Budget

Estimating cost is a difficult process, but again we have a habit of doing it right. Try our services and let us provide you with the best in your budget.

Meet our team

N C Jain

Project Lead

25+ years of experience in construction & design

Manoj Kumar Jain

Operations Head

25+ years of experience in site management & co-ordination

Anunay Jain

Co-founder & Design Head

B.Tech (Civil), IIT-BHU

M.Tech (Struct.), IIT-BHU

Mridul Jain

Co-founder & IT Head

MBA, IIM Calcutta

B.Tech (IT), MNNIT

Mudassir Khursheed

Lead Architect

3+ years of experience in Architectural design


Frankly, we aren't the cheapest in the market.

But that's because we like to design and build stuff the way it must be done.

We guarantee you won't find the kind of services we offer at our prices.

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